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I Cocci Siciliani Naturale 604x1208mm

I Cocci Siciliani Naturale 604x1208mm

I Cocci Siciliani Naturale


The “I Cocci Siciliani” collection was inspired by natural stone, in particular a Sicilian sandstone made up of pebbles, rocks and stones. The result is a naturally uneven material that encompasses a natural mix of trendy colours with deliberate but never excessive colour contrasts. Fioranese reinterprets the Sicilian sandstone by proposing it in five very particular, yet simple colours: white, sand, grey, natural and black, on which unevenly distributed pebbles stand out with a harmonious and beautiful natural effect. The presence of uneven pebbles is emphasised by the MATTERonTOP technology developed by Fioranese, which allows to overcome the limits of the production process, adding textural richness, structure, depth and colour. This technology introduces a new passage that harmonises perfectly with the tile design, allowing to reach new boundaries in the definition of the finish, and to achieve remarkably high levels of naturalness.



Made in Italy


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